Steve Jobs related memorabilia has always found a lot of takers among avid collectors. When certain memorabilia gets his famous autograph then we have seen in the past that it does fetch big bucks. Like a magazine that was signed by the co-founder of Apple was recently auctioned for $16,000 (roughly Rs 12 lakh).

As per a report by 9to5Mac, the magazine in question was Fortune’s October edition of 1989. It had Jobs on the cover and is signed as “To Terry, Steve Jobs”. Terry incidentally was one of Jobs’ chauffeur drivers for many years and later asked Jobs to sign him. Even though Jobs did sign the cover, he called the limousine company and complained about Terry’s autograph request. The magazine was published shortly after the launch of Jobs’ new company NeXT, Inc. Interestingly, it’s just the magazine cover that was auctioned without the rest of the pages and the autographed has been signed in black ink.

The magazine was sold by Nate D Sanders auction house who had put the starting bid at $11,000. It was put up for auction on July 30 and received three bids with the highest one being $16,000.

Jobs’ autograph has always been considered a collector’s item and a lot of Apple fans have bid for it in the past as well. In December 2018, it was revealed that Jobs’ autograph was worth more than $50,000 (roughly Rs 35 lakh), as per 2018 Paul Fraser Collectibles Autograph Index. This is considered one of the most expensive autographs more than any living or dead members of The Beatles.

The co-founder of Apple was known to be a reluctant signer and was known to decline most requests for autographs. In December 2019, a floppy disk that was signed by Jobs sold for around $84,000 (roughly Rs 60 lakh).


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