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Who We Are And What We Do

The India Digest unites its readers and their families like no other brand through the simplest of acts: sharing stories, laughs, and great advice. The India Digest is India’s largest-circulation online magazine brand, standing out more than ever in today’s cultural landscape due to its themes of optimism, faith, heroism, trust, humor, and wellness. Online publishes hundreds of original articles a month to give homeowners peace of mind, and save them time and money, by helping them know exactly what and what not to worry about. Our new brand, the Healthy, covers health and medical information with depth and authority, while our books, including the famous condensed fiction series Select Editions, deliver a bundle of emotions from curiosity and amazement to reassurance, gratitude, and amusement. In all its work, The India Digest carries on its singular, historic vision: to bring out the good in people and families everywhere.

The India Digest is a sum of all its members and followers who are an integral part of Digit. Digit is not a brand, it’s a community that feeds your passion for knowledge.

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Our Mission

The India Digest shares trusted advice and stories to help you and your family enjoy healthy, wealthy, and wise lives.
We get to the heart of the matter and keep it simple, informative, and fun.

“Shares” summarizes our process in a word. What authors, experts, journalists, and our own community shares with us, we in turn share with the world.

“Trusted” is our core trait, and we double down on it. Whether it’s a thrilling real-life drama or an in-depth article about colon cancer, we strive for everything we publish to be accurate and in context.

“You and your family” remain our North Star. We’ll always look for opportunities to be a glue of good feeling and life lessons across the generations.

The India Digest Version gets to the ”heart of the matter” with light-heartedness whenever possible. That means “simple, informative and fun” applies across every platform.

Our Beliefs

We believe there is an opportunity to shape the Indian media and entertainment industry because: Indian media industry is at its infancy Both traditional and new media present huge opportunities Advertising revenues will be the mainstay in near-term New advertisers will drive growth, demanding new products and formats Targeting and niche plays are emerging and high-potential Media is a “high-beta” business – diverse portfolio approach is key However, in this opportunity-rich environment, our industry urgently needs a new benchmark for professionalism. To build successful, value-creating businesses will require leaders and leadership.

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