NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday urged the government to listen to defence veterans and allow an independent fact-finding mission to “identify incursion, intrusion and encroachment” by China.
He also asked the government to inform the country of the steps taken “to ensure no more Indian territory is taken by China”.
“GOI (Government of India) must listen to the veterans and inform India of the steps taken to ensure no more Indian territory is taken by China. Allow an independent fact finding mission to identify incursion, intrusion and encroachment by China,” the former Congress chief said on Twitter.

With the tweet, he also tagged a news report: “India-China Standoff: 144 Armed Forces Veterans Appeal for Accountability, Reforms”.
Congress leader P Chidambaram tweeted, “We are generally happy with the disengagement and de-escalation. People will keep a close watch on the PROCESS and the PROGRESS (sic).”

“But let us remember, the declared goal is restoration of status quo ante as on May 5, 2020,” he also said.
Gandhi has been attacking the government ever since the violent stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in eastern ladakh on June 15 claimed lives of 20 Indian soldiers.
Questioning the government on whether there have been Chinese incursions, he has been attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accusing him of “surrendering” Indian land.