If you are someone who likes to test performance scores of the new Android phones you buy then be careful about the benchmark apps you download. When it comes to benchmarking apps, AnTuTu is one of the most popular and somehow it is often the first app that comes to the minds of Android users. However, what most people tend to forget is the fact that the original AnTuTu app is no longer there on Play Store.

Earlier this year, Google had removed all the Antutu apps as part of the larger crackdown on apps from Cheetah Mobile. The company has removed Antutu Benchmark, Antutu 3DBench and Antutu Benchmark from the store.

The problem that haunts Google now is very few seem to remember this and they are downloading fake clones of the AnTuTu Benchmark from Play Store. There are lots of fake benchmark apps that go by the name of AnTuTu and people are still downloading them to check performance scores and potentially giving up privacy of the data that’s there on their phones.

Google usually takes down fake clones of banned apps from the Play Store but it seems the clones of AnTuTu just got lucky. While the AnTuTu apps are available as APKs that can be downloaded from their website but note that the real AnTuTu apps are banned and the ones that you see on Google Play are fake.

Having a fake benchmarking app can be a privacy nightmare as these apps usually have access to your gallery, camera, mic, read other apps and have access to almost all important components of your phone. These apps can easily steal data or can even secretly install other malicious apps on your phone without your knowledge.


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