NEW DELHI: In an embarrassment for Delhi BJP, social activist Anna Hazare has rejected its request to join a “mass movement” against Aam Aadmi Party and termed the request unfortunate. Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta had on Monday written to Hazare to join Delhi BJP’s movement against AAP which he alleged was the “new name of political, social and economic corruption.”
“I felt sorry to read your letter to the press. BJP has been ruling at the Centre for more than six years. It is unfortunate that the party which claims to be the world’s largest is calling an 83-yer-old faqir who is without power or wealth for a movement,” Hazare stated in a letter to Gupta. The letter has also been released on the verified Facebook page of the activist.
Hazare stated that multiple administrative subjects of Delhi are under the central government. “PM Narendra Modi claims that the central government has taken strong steps for eradicating corruption. Why does your government not take stringent legal steps if the Delhi government has indulged in corruption?” Hazare asked.
The 2011 movement was started against the spike in corruption which had made life difficult for the people. It prompted people to join the movement. “In 2014 your government came to power promising a corruption free country. But people have not felt any relief. Those in power find faults in other parties. Sometimes an introspection is needed,” Hazare said.
The embarrassment came close on the heels of the Shaheen Bagh fiasco for the Delhi unit of the saffron party. Recently Delhi BJP welcomed around 50 residents of Shaheen Bagh into the party including some who were in support of the anti-CAA protests. AAP used the development to attack BJP and alleged that the Shaheen Bagh protests were sponsored by the BJP.
In reaction to Hazare’s letter, Delhi BJP chief said Delhi BJP has a strong organisation and is capable of leading all kinds of mass movements but wanted the symbolic presence of the social activist because AAP was born out of the movement Hazare led with Arvind Kejriwal.
“Under PM Narendra Modi the central government has taken very strong initiatives for eradicating corruption like direct benefits transfer which removed the interference of the middlemen,” said Gupta.


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