Investigators came across around 500 books in the flat, 350 of which were related to science and maths

BENGALURU: The knife-wielding techie who succumbed to injuries sustained during a fight with his minor daughter in his flat near Bannerghatta Road in the wee hours of Thursday had an MTech degree from IISc and was known for his mathematical prowess, police sources said.
Investigators came across around 500 books in the flat, 350 of which were related to science and math. According to neighbours and family members, the techie’s 15-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son were also skilled in the subject. The 47-year-old man gave free math coaching to students from IIMB and IISc, the sources said. “He would teach mathematics to his children between 2am and 4am regularly. Then, he would teach them music for one hour and retire to bed,” police quoted family members as saying.
He had declared to all his acquaintances that he would never send his children to school as the education system focused only on ‘producing marks cards’.
“Despite opposition from his family and friends, the techie got his children enrolled for open schooling. We hope some professor or education authorities visit the house after investigation is over and legally take possession of these books. Some of them, related to science and mathematics, are out of print. The father and daughter were known for their ability to quickly solve any maths problems,” an investigating officer said.
The scuffle broke out in the dead of night when his daughter objected to him playing the electronic keyboard loudly. Following heated arguments, the techie attacked his daughter with a knife. In self-defence, the girl pushed him away and the knife entered the man’s chest, puncturing his lungs. Neither of them realised the stab wound and the techie continued to play the keyboard. The daughter locked herself in the room. One hour later, the nine-year-old boy on his way to the bathroom saw his father lying in a pool of blood.
3 strays, house in a shambles
Police came across three stray dogs living inside the techie’s flat. “Neighbours said the dogs were never taken out even to answer nature’s call. Their poop was all over the place — on the bed, sofa and beneath the cot. The kitchen was stacked with bread loaves, snack packs, ready-to-eat food and hundreds of use-and-throw plastic plates and tumblers,” police said.
Police recovered two more electronic keyboards. “Each costs at least Rs 1 lakh. He also had a pair of guitars. His family claimed he was a good guitarist too,” police said.
Cops came across 600-700 empty whiskey bottles and sachets thrown all over the house. “He took to drinking after his wife died in 2012,” the sources said.
On Friday, the techie’s elder brother arrived in Bengaluru from Mumbai and took the nine-year-old boy with him. Charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder under IPC section 304, the girl has been handed over to a juvenile protection and care centre.