NEW DELHI: The last month has seen daily additions to global Covid-19 cases rising faster though fewer deaths are being added on average every day. Unlike in the past, the countries with most fresh cases and deaths are no longer from the developed West, with the US being the only exception among the top five.
In the last month, the world has seen an average of 1.3 lakh cases being added every day, up from just over 88,000 a day in the preceding two months. In contrast, additions to global deaths have slowed down even in absolute numbers, with less than 4,500 a day now compared to over 5,600 a day between March 26 and May 25.
In the initial phase, Europe accounted for the biggest chunk of cases and deaths from Covid globally after the outbreak spread outside China, but the disease has of late surged in Brazil and the Indian sub-continent, which together account for almost a third of cases and deaths from the pandemic in the last month. This surge has led to the share of the US in cases and deaths shrinking to less than 20% of the global cases from almost a third earlier.
Barring the UK, which still accounts for almost 5% of Covid deaths globally, no European country accounts for more than 1% of cases or deaths in this period, except France, Spain and Italy, with just over 1% of global deaths.
Other than South Asia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico in the Americas are among the 10 countries now contributing the most to global Covid numbers. Mexico’s share in global Covid deaths (12%) in the period after March 25 is the third highest after Brazil and the US.
The US and Russia’s shares in the global numbers are shrinking and the disease appears to be shifting to low and middle income countries. After having the maximum cases initially, China’s contributions to global numbers have been negligible.
TOI looked at growth trends since the beginning of the pandemic in December last year. In the initial period of its global spread, in late January to early February, the base of both global cases and deaths was very low and hence growth rates were obviously very high.