NEW DELHI: With Sonia Gandhi’s term as “interim” Congress president nearing completion, a chorus of party MPs has broken out, demanding that Rahul Gandhi return to the helm of the organisation even as he keeps up his direct attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over various issues ranging from handling of the Covid situation and confrontation with China in Ladakh.
Interestingly, joining the debate on future party leadership on social media, veteran Digvijaya Singh questioned Rahul’s decision to step down as Congress chief and asked who was stopping him from returning to the top post during a virtual interaction between Sonia Gandhi and party MPs held on Saturday.
Amid Rahul Gandhi’s attack on the PM, Congress members led by K Suresh, Manickam Tagore, Gaurav Gogoi, among others, demanded that the leader return as party president. They lauded Rahul’s role in exposing the “government’s failures” in the string of national crises where, they said, he had forced the government to respond.
Sonia Gandhi’s current interim term, which began when Rahul insisted on stepping down after Congress’ repeat debacle in the Lok Sabha elections, ends on August 10.
The demand for Rahul’s return at the helm seems to be becoming a routine affair, with the meeting of Congress Working Committee last month witnessing a similar chorus. The issue was also raised in another CWC gathering, besides being mentioned regularly on public forums. But it seems to be gaining momentum and there might well be a push to ensure he returns.
Digvijaya Singh questioned Rahul’s decision to step down after the election defeat. “He had virtually emerged as the main challenger to Modi in 2019 and should have continued to build the party. Why did he voluntarily withdraw from the scene?” Singh tweeted. Singh said those leaders opposed to Rahul’s aggressive politics should quit the party.


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