Any pandemic is known to affect in waves and tides, much like any natural discourse. Delhi isn’t the only city to have witnessed a COVID wave in the recent months- cities in Italy, China, Spain and even Britain have been impacted too. The new COVID mutation and reinfection cases have also added to the worry. However, it would still be too early to term this resurgence a downfall. Clinically, a second wave is not as different from the first one but it is still too early to call it deadly.

Nonetheless, while life begins to resume back for citizens, it’s important that we don’t treat the lockdown as a thing of a past. The virus might continue to stay with us for a long, long time, vaccine or not. Hence, we need a more tactful and better preventive approach to stay safe from the virus. Wearing masks, frequent disinfection, sanitization, avoiding crowding and social distancing still needs to continue for the pandemic to truly wane away.


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