Dr Gagandeep Kang, Medical Scientist and Former Chair Member of ICMR Panel on COVID drugs and vaccines, however, suggests that vaccine allocation will need to be more optimized, while we still don’t have any guarantee of any vaccine fully working to prevent the pandemic’s spread. In an interview with Indian Express, the scientist said that logistics and supply still need to be configured at large.

“It takes time to make a vaccine and the reason why vaccine manufacturers are now trying to buy facilities, book time at the manufacturing facilities, is because they want to be able to make the vaccine even before it is proven safe and effective…That is the fastest way to get to the market but the whole process of regulation takes time. It will take time to review the dossiers, it will take time to get the vaccine licensed, and once the vaccine is licensed we have to think about the logistics of distribution… You need something that fits in with your cold chain infrastructure, you need to be able to buy the vaccine, you need to land the vaccine, you need to distribute the vaccine, you need to train staff in how to give the vaccine.”