NEW DELHI: While India is setting new records for daily Covid-2019 cases, in every other country among the top 20 in terms of cases, the daily addition is now well below the peak value — the day when they reported maximum cases.
The three-day average of fresh cases reported by India on September 3 was 77,387, which was 92.3% of the peak of 83,883 cases, which was itself reported on September 3. In no other country among the top 20 was this even 80%. Of the 210 countries and territories for which the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) compiles daily Covid data, this ratio was the highest for India.
With the exception of Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, Paraguay and Iraq, for no other country was the average of the past three days more than 80% of the peak daily cases. And none of these six countries is among the 20 most affected.
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All the countries that have reported over 5 lakh cases have significantly reduced cases in recent times. For instance, the average of cases in the past three days in the US was less than half the country’s peak cases. In Brazil, the current level is less than two-thirds of the peak.
Another way of looking at the data is to see how many days have passed since the peak daily cases for each country. Among countries with the maximum number of cases, the US saw its peak 40 days back, Brazil 35 days and Russia 47 days ago. In the case of Peru and Colombia, the peak was over a fortnight ago.
Of course, this does not mean that none of these countries will see daily cases ever reaching the peak levels again, or even exceeding them. Spain, for instance, has seen a recent surge after months of seeming to have put the worst behind it.


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