NEW DELHI: “Lack of social distancing by other passengers, quarantine measures by states and sitting in an aircraft with so many people”: These have emerged as the key deterrents for flying in an online survey conducted from June 20-28 with 25,000 travellers by IndiGo. The survey shows majority of consumers feel flying is the safest mode of travel.
IndiGo chief commercial officer William Boulter said: “The analysis of our customer survey clearly portrays that health and safety are their key priorities when travelling. While it is heartening that about 65% travellers trust IndiGo to deliver a clean and safe travel experience, we will continue to introduce new measures, products and services to further strengthen their confidence in air travel and IndiGo. Our aim is to consistently provide a safe and hassle-free experience… Even though most of our customers will be opting for domestic travel (62%) in the near future, there is a healthy interest in international travel (38%)”.
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The main survey finding is that “safety is a key priority while travelling”. “Air transport is considered the safest form of travel by a wide margin for inter-city travel (68% of respondents felt air travel is safe versus 8% for rail travel), followed by driving (24%)… Concerns like fellow passengers not maintaining social distancing (62%), post travel quarantine measures by various states (55%), travelling with so many people (55%) impacted travel demand. Other factors included concerns around air circulation (42%) and sanitation efforts being made by airlines (32%),” IndiGo said in a statement about the survey.
On “travel trends” in these pandemic times, it says: “About 38% customers considering international travel, while 62% will focus solely on domestic travel in near future. 27% customers considering a mix of domestic and international travel and 11% focussing solely on international travel. Though leisure travel will be impacted, visiting friends and relatives (46%) and business (35%) will be the key reasons to travel, followed by leisure (11%) and emergency travel (8%).”
IndiGo says its survey shows an “encouraging travel demand” with nearly 54% respondents saying they want to travel in next three months and “only 17.6% said they will wait for situation to complete normalise before planning travel.”
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India’s largest airline by domestic marke share says the key drivers of demand generation for travel will be: clear Information about safety measures; deals or special offers; constant tips on how to make their next travel hassle free and support to community and nation.


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