NEW DELHI: Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) beneficiaries living in states that are yet to fix Covid-19 treatment charges in private hospitals will pay as per the rates prescribed by the Delhi government until their states fix their own charges.
In an official memorandum issued recently, the health ministry directed that CGHS rates for treatment of Covid 19 in private empanelled hospitals in respect of CGHS beneficiaries in a city shall be as per the package rate prescribed by the concerned state government.
“In case, no such rate has been prescribed by the state government in any CGHS city, the rates prescribed by the government of NCT Delhi, shall be applicable till rates are notified by the concerned state government,” the memorandum said.
According to the charges announced by the Delhi government on 20 June, an isolation bed at a NABH-accredited hospital is Rs 10,000 per day, whereas that in non-NABH hospitals is Rs 8,000 per day. For very severe sickness, the charges for ICU with a ventilator jumps to Rs 18,000 and Rs 15,000, respectively.


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