NEW DELHI: Pilots and cabin crew will again need to undergo breath analyser (BA) tests to show that they are not under the influence of alcohol. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has resumed these tests after suspending them in March-end due to the Corona pandemic.
In an order issued Friday, DGCA deputy DG Maneesh Kumar said airlines and other aircraft operators “shall ensure flight crew (pilots) and cabin crew member shall undergo preflight BA test.. as per this scheme: For all domestic operations – 10% random pre-flight BA examination shall be carried out per day for their entire operations. For all international operations – 100% pre-flight breath-analyzer examination shall be carried out per day.”
“The above direction / arrangement is purely a temporary measure in view of Covid-19. The restoration of provisions of respective Civil Aviation Requirements on the subject will be reviewed from time to time…. every aviation personnel reporting for duty is required to submit an undertaking in respect of the fact that he/she is not under the influence of alcohol and that helshe has not consumed alcohol/psychoactive substance in last 12 hours from the time of reporting for duty. The undertaking must also contain a warning that in case of violation of the undertaking, the license/approval will be suspended for a period of three years. The process of submitting undertaking is to be done in presence of medical representative,” it says.
The DGCA had this March-end temporarily exempted flight crew from BA tests in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, at all airports till further notice. This move had come after a schedule Indian airline pilot had tested positive. After that, pilots across airlines had sought relaxation from this test due to fears that the apparatus used for the same could spread the infection.


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