While Tesla and SpaceX might be two of his biggest operations, Elon Musk for a while has had another passion project called Neuralink. The CEO of Tesla yesterday showcased what and how he wants Neurealink to use AI to make a difference in the world.

Speaking at the Neuralink presentation, Musk said, ““You want a device you can put in your head and look and feel totally normal, but it solves some important problem in your brain or spine.” Musk said that almost everyone in all likelihood will develop brain and spine problems or get a neurological disorder.

The Link, which Musk wants to insert in people’s skills is about .24 inches big and is less than the size of a coin. Musk said that the ‘surgery’ is bloodless as the sensors guide cutting plates to avoid blood vessels in the skull.

“It’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” Musk said, before adding, “it fits quite nicely in your skull.”

The Link, as per a report by Forbes, has an all-day battery life and comes with megabit wireless transmission. It has all the sensors that one would see in a smartwatch, including a 6-axis inertial measurement unit, temperature and pressure gauges. Once inserted, the Link is literally super-glued in place.

The Link’s electrodes, as per multiple reports, can detect neural impulses that are relayed by a processor. Musk, during the presentation, said that the Link can capture more than 1,000 channels of information. The Link will have an app that is connected to your smartphone and Musk even said that a person may get multiple links implanted in their brains.

Musk did show the demo of the Link on three pigs but so far no human trials have been done. The Tesla CEO didn’t reveal the cost of the ‘Fitbit-like’ device but hinted that it wouldn’t be that expensive.


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