Sushant Singh Rajput was a good person, he was doing so well in life, he had good films. His personal life was also ok. We all have highs and lows in life. His life did not look that bad. It feels terrible to see someone so young, who has money, a stable personal life and whose last film was such a big hit, had a beautiful family. Why will someone take his life? What happened. Then I see photographs, videos, marks on his neck, so many goof ups. The cover up wasn’t done well. I feel there’s something that’s stopping his family from asking for justice. I am very curious to know what is keeping them quiet. Their silence is very thought provoking. Maybe pressure, fear or stress. I am sure the family is shaken right now, they have lost their son who was so young. Public concern as an outsider is there and I feel if there was something wrong. Be it pressure, was getting blackmailed, if there was anything it should come out. They should get support. (Photo: Instagram)


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