Controversial actor Ajaz Khan posted an image of a poor rickshaw-puller to claim that his name is Kaleem and he was fined Rs 21 lakh,76 thousand by Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh (UP) for ferrying anti-CAA protesters. When he failed to cough up the fine, he was arrested by UP police, Khan alleges.

Same picture was posted on Facebook by a page called ‘Husanara’. The claim made by the page was more or less similar. In the text accompanying the picture, the page accused CM Yogi of arresting those who were peacefully protesting against CAA.

Facebook user Mohd Salauddin too shared this photo with the same claim.

The claim made with the photo is false. The name of the rickshaw-puller in the picture is not Kaleem, but Uttam Kumar Singh. Singh does noble work or ferrying passengers for free during lockdown in Delhi.
Using reverse-image search, we found a news report from The Hindu dated April 3, 2020. Titled ‘Delhi rickshaw-puller helps people fight lockdown crisis’, the report carries the same image as above.
The image is captioned as ‘Uttam Kumar Singh outside Moti Nagar metro station’ and credited to Hemani Bhandari.

As per the report, poor rickshaw-puller does a philanthropic work of picking and dropping passengers for free, during the lockdown, outside Moti Nagar metro station.
Apart from this, on closely observing the photo, we found DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) written on a wall behind Singh.

Times Fact Check has found that photo of a rickshaw-puller from Delhi is being shared with a false claim that a Muslim rickshaw-puller was arrested and imposed a heavy fine of Rs 21 lakh by UP government for ferrying anti-CAA protesters.


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