Facebook page by the name of Owaisi Supporter posted an image of a Muslim kid with a claim that he was arrested by police for the “crime of wearing a skull cap and being born in a Muslim family”.
In the photo, the kid can be seen with a police official and a jeep. One leg of the kid is tied with a chain.

A loose translation of the sarcastic Hindi text accompanying the photo reads, “He is even a bigger criminal than Vikash Dubey. He is so dangerous that he openly dons skull cap and was born in a Muslim family. Brave cops arrested him.”
Md Saqib Abid and many others shared the image with the same claim on Twitter.

The claim made with the photo is false. The image is two years old when the police officials had rescued and handed over the kid to his family members.
Using reverse-image search, we found a tweet dated January 20, 2018 from the verified handle of ‘Call 112’. Call 112 provides immediate assistance from Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police. Its services can be availed for fire, ambulance or other emergency services in UP.
The tweet carried the same image as the one shared above.

As per the tweet, the Muslim kid in question was freed from his chains by UP Police in Gautam Buddha Nagar. He was rescued and later handed over to his family by the cops.
Times Fact Check has found that a two year old photo of a Muslim kid rescued by UP police is being shared with a false claim that he was arrested for being a Muslim.


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