CHENNAI: The Chinese government has told the Indian embassy that foreign students cannot enter the country for the time being. It put the onus on universities in that country to protect the academic interests of students through online classes.
The Chinese response comes in the backdrop of the Indian embassy taking up the issue with the concerned Chinese authorities urging the latter to come out with their plans for the return of Indian students to China.
In a reply to the Indian mission in Beijing, the ministry of education of China has said the Chinese universities had been sought to keep in close contact with the students.
“At present, foreign students in China cannot enter the country for the time being… It requires relevant universities in China to maintain close contacts with the students, immediately notify relevant information and try their best to protect students’ academic progress through online courses, properly respond to students’ reasonable demands and help solve their practical difficulties,” the statement issued on Monday by the Indian embassy in China quoted the ministry of education in China as saying.
“In view of the fact that the epidemic situation in the world is still unclear and relevant policies on entry and exit in China are being gradually adjusted, it is suggested that Indian students maintain close contact with relevant Chinese colleges and universities and arrange to study in China in strict accordance with the suggestions and guidance of the colleges/universities,” it said.
More than 20,000 Indian students are pursuing higher education, largely medicine, in Chinese universities. These students returned to India following the outbreak of Covid-19.


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