NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi mounted his attack on the BJP-led government at the Centre over the Ladakh border issue wth China, saying India is going to pay a huge price because of the government’s “cowardly” actions.
Sharing a video clip of defence minister Rajnath Singh on Twitter, Gandhi said that China has taken our land and the government of India is behaving like “Chamberlain”.
He wrote that it will further embolden China.
“China has taken our land and GOI is behaving like Chamberlain. This will further embolden China. India is going to pay a huge price because of GOI’s cowardly actions,” he wrote on Twitter.

In the video clip, Rajnath Singh, who visited Ladakh yesterday, can be heard saying: “The issue (border dispute with China) should be resolved. But to what extent it can be resolved, I cannot guarantee. But let me assure you that no power in the world can either touch or capture even one inch of Indian territory.”
On Friday, the Congress leader issued a video message sharing his thoughts on why China chose to be aggressive now and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “indiscretions” have weakened the country and left it vulnerable.
In the video message posted on Twitter, he hit out at the government saying that over the last six years, India has been “disturbed and disrupted” with regard to its foreign policy and economy.
Gandhi has attacked the Prime Minister and the government over the India-China border conflict in Ladakh in the past as well and alleged their “failure” in handling the issue.