NEW DELHI: The Indian cricket board (BCCI) has prepared the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the upcoming IPL in UAE in September. As per the document, accessed by TOI on Wednesday, players will not be allowed to meet their teammates until they clear the third Covid-19 test upon reaching UAE. That implies that the players will have to be holed up in their single occupancy rooms for almost a week. Even after clearing the test, common dining areas have been prohibited. Players will be tested every five days.
The franchise medical team should obtain a complete medical and travel history (since 1st March 2020) of all players and team support staff at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure to UAE. This will be done via an online questionnaire along with a daily temperature logging and symptom checker going live 2 weeks before the team’s assembly.
As reported by TOI on Wednesday, the board has recommended franchises to arrange smaller, secular properties for accommodation to avoid sharing the AC ducts in busy hotels. Even if the franchises opt for a hotel, they should ensure they book an entire wing with a separate centralized air-conditioning system from the rest of the hotel. TOI had reported that few franchises are already looking at resorts and apartment complexes. The IPL SOPs also suggested that the teams should preferably fly the players to UAE in chartered flights.
The other important point in the SOPs is about families travelling with the players. It is clearly stated that the family members won’t be allowed to interact with anybody outside the bio-bubble created by the franchises. Families can’t get close to the players during training and matches. They are prohibited from entering the dressing rooms and travelling in team vehicles. They can’t even share food.
Players are discouraged from changing at the ground. They are urged to arrive at the ground in their training kits. Player kits will be stored at the ground too. The empty stands could be used as extended dressing rooms too. It has also been stated that there should be limited seating in the dugout and there shouldn’t be any sharing of pens or pads.
“Where available, Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan), a device that has the ability to neutralise 99.9% of the coronavirus that might be floating in the air in closed spaces, will be installed,” document said.