KARACHI: Doing a volte-face, Pakistan’s legendary batsman Javed Miandad on Friday apologised to his former teammate Imran Khan, days after slamming his leadership as the country’s Prime Minister.
The rapid change of heart happened after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed Miandad’s nephew, Faisal Iqbal, as one of its head coaches for the domestic teams.
Known for his controversial remarks, Miandad apologised to Imran while speaking to ARY News.

“If I have offended anyone, I apologise for my words, especially to the Prime Minister because I was angry about Pakistan’s performance in the first Test against England,” Miandad said.
Currently touring England, Pakistan lost the first Test by three wickets after having England in a spot of bother, while the rain-marred second match ended in a draw.
Miandad added, “I have full respect for the Prime Minister and Pakistan cricket fans all over the world.”
His latest remarks are a far cry from the words he had used for Imran recently.
On his YouTube channel, Miandad had accused Imran of damaging cricket in the country and even went to the extent of challenging him in politics.

Cricket has been destroyed by Imran Khan | Mein Politics Mein Aonga tou Bataunga | Javed Miandad

One of Miandad’s issues was the changes and appointments World Cup-winning captain Imran had made in the board since becoming the country’s premier.
He had then said, “I was your captain, you weren’t my captain. I’ll come to politics and then I’ll talk to you. I was the one who led you all the time, but you act like god now.
“It is almost like you’re the only intelligent person in this country. As if no one else has gone to Oxford or Cambridge or any other university in Pakistan. Think about the people.”
“You don’t care about the country. You came to my home and went out as a Prime Minister. I challenge you to deny this.”