If you are someone who takes utmost care to verify your delivery address while buying something online then this shipping address may make you think again. While providing building names and gate numbers are considered as a smart move to help the delivery executive to spot your house accurately, an online shopper seems to thought that it’s more reliable to simply put “448, Chauth mata mandir, mandir ke samne aate hi phone laga lena mein aa jaunga, Shivpura” as his delivery address.

Flipkart shared a photo of the order with this delivery address on Twitter while blurring contact details and the name of the customer to highlight the extent of ‘jugaad’ in the country. We can only expect that the executive didn’t have much trouble delivering this order.This post definitely lightened the mood and gave a much needed laugh-break on Twitter for the day. This post engaged other users to comment and share stories of funny delivery addresses that they have witnessed.

Meanwhile, Flipkart has recently launched a social media campaign to inform citizens about fake websites that offer discounts by using the brand name of Flipkart. “Over the last few weeks, we have received multiple reports of websites masquerading as Flipkart, offering deals that are too good to be true. All of them have one thing in common: they’re badly disguised, often hilariously so,” it said in its official blog post.

Flipkart is trying to help people identify how fake websites look and operate and also remind them that if an offer is too good to be true it probably is.


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