Tomorrow’s citizens are moulded by today’s teachers and the the future of our country will be shaped by the quality of our teachers. The modern classrooms requires a teacher to juggle multiple roles. Technology has overwhelmed students, parents and teacher and the teacher is no longer the only one disseminating knowledge. The classroom is smart and the students smarter.

This requires our teachers to develop a new mindset and equip themselves with new skills – a deeper insight into the minds of their students and an ability to harness their creativity and potential.

It is only natural that such a major shift will cause questions in the minds of the teachers who are the heart of this shift, for example:

  • How does one cope with the lack of teaching cues in a traditional classroom?
  • Is the virtual classroom going to make teachers obsolete?
  • How do we augment a virtual classroom to bring it to par with traditional classrooms?
  • Can virtual classrooms replace traditional classrooms?

This AMA will be a platform where teachers may ask questions any such questions related to this shift.

About PC Paathshala

As e-learning becomes the new normal, Intel in India has collaborated with the Times of India (TOI) to launch PC Paathshala, a unique industry-wide initiative aimed at enabling India to adapt to teaching and learning online. PC Paathshala will bring user-friendly and easy-to-consume content, developed and curated by industry experts, to teachers, students and parents across India.