A healthcare worker collects nasal sample from a child for Covid-19 Rapid antigen testing in Hira Nagar Containment Zone area in Gurugram (ANI)

India recorded more than 1.57 lakh Covid-19 cases and 3,236 deaths from the virus in the first week of July alone, in the worst seven days of the pandemic in the country in terms of infections.
Fresh cases rose to over 23,000 on Tuesday after dipping to around 22,000 the previous day, while the day’s death toll was 473. With this, the country’s total Covid-19 caseload stood at 7.43 lakh, a day after crossing the 7-lakh mark, as per data collated from state governments.
The death toll stood at 20,628 while the number of recoveries was over 4.56 lakh and the active cases more than 2.65 lakh.
While the worst-hit states of Maharashtra (5,134 new cases), Tamil Nadu (3,616) and Delhi (2,008) reported a drop in numbers, infections touched a new single-day high in Uttar Pradesh, which reported 1,346 cases, Gujarat (778), Rajasthan (716) and Odisha (571).
Maharashtra, however, added over 200 deaths (224) for the second day in a row, with the toll rising in Mumbai to 64. The total deaths from the pandemic in Mumbai crossed 5,000 on Tuesday. The city has a higher toll than China, where the virus had originated.
While the toll in China stood at 4,634 on Tuesday, Mumbai reached 5,002 deaths. The city accounts for a quarter of the country’s 20,160 Covid-19 deaths. Bengaluru reported 800 infections on Tuesday.



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