PATNA: While sounding the bugle for the forthcoming Bihar assembly polls through his maiden virtual rally, JD(U) president and CM Nitish Kumar on Monday recounted in details the development works done by his government in the past 15 years and also compared them with the works executed by two previous governments during the 15 years rule of ‘Pati-Patni ki Sarkar.’
By using the term like ‘Pati-Patni ki Sarkar’, the CM was apparently referring to the previous governments of Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi who together ruled the state for 15 years from 1990 to 2005.
In his three-hour-long extempore speech, Bihar CM repeatedly asked the party workers to inform the new generation as to what was the situation of law and order, roads, health sector and governance in the state before 2005.
“Tell the new generation about all the good works done by our government and the actual scenario prevailing in the state before 2005. They were children in those days. But now they have crossed the age of 18 years. It is necessary to inform them; otherwise, they might fall in the hands of ‘wrong people’,” Nitish told the party workers while hinting towards the importance of young electors in the coming .
While talking about the state assembly polls, Nitish said it was the election commission which would take a call on how to hold the election. “But in democracy, the public is the ultimate master. They will decide to whom the voters will give an opportunity to serve the state for the next five years,” Nitish said.
“If given a fresh opportunity to serve the state, I will ensure irrigation water to all farmland and a strong network of roads in rural areas to connect the one village to others as well as connect the village roads to the nearby state highways and national highways,” the JD(U) chief said.


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