In further evidence that Pakistan continues to defy the spirit of the ICJ ruling in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, Islamabad has now said that the Indian national has refused to file a review petition against his death sentence and only wants to follow up on his mercy petition.

The ICJ had last year called upon Pakistan to review and reconsider Jadhav’s sentencing. It will be recalled that Jadhav had been sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court for spying and terrorism — charges that were concocted with no concrete evidence being provided for the same.

The ICJ had also directed Pakistan to grant India consular access to Jadhav. Islamabad did so once but under extremely coercive conditions. Taken together, Jadhav has neither had recourse to a fair trial in Pakistan nor been given a chance to appeal his sentence.

Pakistan now saying that he doesn’t want to appeal is part of a narrative that Islamabad has been creating that Jadhav has admitted to his crime. Under the circumstances he is in, there is no way Jadhav has a free voice and is simply going along with his captors.

It’s clear therefore that Pakistan is just creating a mirage of compliance with the ICJ ruling. It will not give Jadhav a fair trial and is just stringing along the international court. The whole case again highlights Pakistan’s rogue status. Islamabad has no respect for international norms and continues to be a security threat for the entire region. Should Jadhav’s execution be eventually carried out, Pakistan should be treated as a pariah state by the international community.


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