MUMBAI: Twenty four hours after Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) chairman Sanjeev Churiwala said that players from England and Australia, who will be arriving in the UAE to play the Indian Premier League (IPL) immediately after the white-ball series in England, should not undergo the mandatory one-week quarantine, some other franchises have raised objections.
“Why is it not being made mandatory for all players who will arrive later (read: English and Australia players who will finish playing a white-ball series by September 16) to not undergo the compulsory one-week quarantine? The rules have to apply to everyone”, two franchises told TOI.
RCB believes players arriving from England can avoid the mandatory quarantine because they’ll be switching from one bio-secure bubble to another, provided they satisfy certain “stringent measures”.

Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni gets his temperature monitored at Chennai airport ahead of the team’s departure to UAE on Friday. (TOI Photo)
“So? Even we (other franchises) quarantined in India before heading to the UAE. But we’re going by the rules and quarantining again in UAE for a week. That should be the case with all,” some other franchises insist.
For instance, players participating in the final of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will fly to the UAE immediately after September 10 and BCCI believes they should undergo the mandatory quarantine period of one week and do all the relevant tests. “Shouldn’t the same apply to everyone else? If you’re going to stay only within the franchise bubble and not interact with others in general at stadiums, etc, then it’s a different matter. Else, everybody should follow a single-point mandate,” some IPL stakeholders say.
This comes at a time when the BCCI has sent out a circular to all eight franchises, who have either already flown to the UAE in the last 24 hours or are gearing up for it. Signed by the IPL’s executive head, the circular states: “We would like to share information on the measures being put in place to minimize the risk of the introduction of Covid-19 into the League and to protect all participants. These measures must be coupled with the cooperation, commitment and adherence of all the participants”.
The circular aims to address multiple policy matters related to Covid and issues directions on the protocols that teams will have to observe. While the circular is still being read and dissected by the franchises, confusion continues to prevail on certain other fronts.

Despite the teams having landed there, the schedule of the IPL is still not out, even when it’s ready. “The BCCI has not informed us anything. No meetings have been held between the franchises and the IPL GC,” they say, and insist they have multiple queries on which clarity has to be sought.
Between Thursday and Friday, when the teams began flying to the UAE, it became apparent how franchises had done their own “homework” though in terms of precautions to be taken for safe travel. Some teams, in fact, took the flights wearing PPE kits after having undergone severe quarantine over the last two weeks. “These precautions are necessary. Hope everybody is made to respect it,” they said.
Health Passport
‘Health passport’ created by GEM3S, comprises a short questionnaire which all participants will be required to complete every day. Abnormal responses will trigger an alert to conduct further tests and trace contacts.
‘Health Passport’ will be linked to accreditation system and access to venues will only be granted when there are no abnormal responses.


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