It looks like there is some trouble ahead for Ragini Dwivedi. The actress, whose name cropped up as a top suspect in the ongoing Sandalwood drug scandal was arrested after nearly seven hours of grilling that happened at the CCB office. This apparently was after there was a lot of drugs that were found at her residence, following reports.

Ragini was summoned by the CCB yesterday for investigation. Ragini failed to do so.This morning there was a raid conducted at Ragini’s residence, where her phones and gadgets were seized. Some important evidence is speculated to have been unearthed too by news channels. This seems to be the drugs that have been recovered at her home.

Following this four hour long raid, Ragini arrived at the CCB office at around 11.30 am and there was a huge rush and she was escorted into the office for interrogation by a lot of female police officers who were called in especially for this. The actress was grilled all day. There were reports of a small break, where she had cake for lunch. The actress has apparently applied for anticipatory bail. But, the hearing for that will be on Monday.

Interestingly, Ragini had released a statement on Thursday that read, “I am grateful for all the concern expressed by the public about a notice I received yesterday. As I received it at a very short notice, I was unable to appear today before the CCB police. However, out of respect for the process of the law, my advocates have presented themselves before the police, have explained my difficulty in not being able to appear today and have sought time. I am committed to appear on Monday morning before the police. I consider it my duty as a citizen to humbly participate in any questioning that the police might have; I have nothing to hide and have no connection with any unlawful activity which is being probed by the CCB police. Once again, I express my gratitude for all the love, affection and concern that has been expressed.”


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