Sushant’s father alleged in his statement that Rhea, along with her family members, had cheated Sushant, committed fraud, and kept him confined. Expressing that they forced Sushant to commit suicide, KK Singh raised a few questions like, “My son had no mental health issues till 2019. How did these crop up suddenly after he met Rhea? If he was indeed suffering from such an ailment, why were we not contacted? Why was a no-objection letter from us for his treatment not sought?”

Citing financial irregularities, Sushant’s father stated in the FIR, “After going through my son’s bank account details, I realised that he had around Rs 17 crore in his account number 10XXXXXX91, out of which Rs 15 crore were transferred into accounts that had nothing to do with him.”

Questioning Rhea’s role, the FIR also stated, “If Rhea knew that Sushant was not well, why did she break off with him and block him? This is the reason he committed suicide.”

Image Credit: Rhea Chakraborty Instagram Account


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