As the lockdown norms are being relaxed, Roseate Hotels and Resorts gear up to welcome back guests.

Roseate is all set to welcome guests back with utmost care & touchless hospitality

Covid has caused a stir in every industry and the impact on the hospitality has been the greatest. These uncertain times has seen consumers turn to trusted associates and renowned brands. Roseate Hotels & Resorts is one such brand that has discovered new nuances in hospitality to give to their valued guests, unparalleled experience & utmost satisfaction keeping all the hygiene and safety standards in place.

In a bid to minimize physical contact with guests at their hotels, Roseate Hotels and Resorts has launched ‘Care by Roseate’; believably a novel approach towards instilling confidence among its customers about their safety while staying and dining at restaurants across their six properties in India and UK.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is far from over and “Touchless Hospitality” is the new future that is here to stay with us. Roseate Hotels & Resorts have completely remodelled their standard operating procedures towards providing greater care and ensuring a safe environment for their cherished guests.

Care by Roseate involves stringent procedures in place to ensure no contamination enters via any route. The measures involve thermal screening at entry gates of all passenger vehicles. Display of ‘Safe’ status in ArogyaSetu app for staff & guests and wearing of masks that be a must to enter the hotel premises. All hotel vehicles are disinfected at entry points and after every use. Sanitizers would are kept in all prominent locations within the hotel. Guest luggage is disinfected from outside on arrival. To enable seamless, remote check ins, Touchless Check ins are facilitated via app, in which all information is already be pre-registered. After check out, the same room is allocated only after 24 hours post being thoroughly disinfected.

Furthermore, Roseate Hotels & Resorts is also following an alternate room occupancy policy to maintain social distancing. Housekeeping staff would wear Personal protection Equipment(PPE). Delivery and clearance of Room Service orders would be just outside the hotel room entrance. To ensure touchless usage of elevators, a staff member in PPE would be present to operate them with not more than 3 members at a time.

Also, under this new initiative “Care By Roseate “, touchless dining is going to be paramount. Here for dining, the guest while booking a table can see the menu and order from it. The guest shares their location with the hotel so that the kitchen staffs start preparing the meal when the guest is enroute to the hotel restaurant. Guests also have an option to add more items while they are enjoying their meal. In addition the app would allow guests to see food being prepared live in the kitchen. At the end, the bill comes on the App on which it can be paid via credit cards. There would be no Buffet services for the time being.

The tables in the restaurant will be placed at a minimum two metre distance and kitchen and service staff will wear PPE (masks, gloves & other protective gear)at all times. Moreover, regular temperature checks of staff will continue to be a part of the new normal. Personnel from areas designated as hot spots will be discouraged in the hotel premises.

For their delivery services all meals will come in double layered packaging and delivered with utmost hygiene, as will be for laundry care services.

Care by Roseate would ensure that while utmost care is taken, guests will not be deprived of availing luxe fine dining and stay services. Roseate Hotels & Resorts is treating the COVID-19 with the utmost gravity and is taking every precaution to keep the guests safe.

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