NEW DELHI: There has been an “uninformed commentary” on exclusion of certain chapters from the CBSE syllabus for 2020-21 to create a “false narrative”, HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said on Thursday.
Countering criticism in certain quarters over deletion of topics such as nationalism, secularism, democracy etc, the minister said selectively choosing certain topics deleted from political science while overlooking exclusion across subjects in view of academic losses due to Covid-19 crisis smacked of a motivated agenda.
“Misinformation has circulated to create sensation and a false narrative. In biology, topics such as mineral nutrition, digestion and absorption have been excluded. Are these topics excluded with malicious intent? What about topics like balance of payments deficit in economics and heat transfer in physics?” asked the minister.
“While it is easy to misconstrue exclusion of three to four topics like nationalism, local government, federalism, etc and build a concocted narrative, a wider perusal of different subjects will show that this exclusion is happening across subjects,” Pokhriyal said in a series of tweets. He reiterated that the exclusions from the syllabus is a one-time measure taken in view of the pandemic.
The comments by the minister came following a controversy with the opposition alleging that chapters on India’s democracy and plurality had been “dropped” to propagate a ‘particular ideology’.
CBSE on Tuesday announced up to 30% reduction in syllabus across subjects for Classes IX to XII and these will not be part of any internal assessment or Board exams of the 2020-21 academic session.
“The only aim was to free the students from stress in these trying times,” Pokhriyal said, adding, “the exercise has been carried out following the advice and recommendations of experts and suggestions from educationists and teachers.”
“All reduced topics are being covered under the academic calendar during Covid-19 prepared by NCERT,” the minister said.


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