In the same manner, some suggest that the Indian authorities could do the same with the Russian vaccine as well, considering the heavy caseload of COVID-19 in the country. CDSCO could ask the Russian government to conduct phase II and III of the vaccine trials in the country, which is also a necessary requirement for any vaccine to be made available globally. Trials conducted this way will also help nab out any side-effects, test efficacy and weigh the pros and cons in a varied section of the population, something which has so far been missing with the Russian trials.

Since India is also one of the leading vaccine manufactures, the deal could doubly benefit the Russian authorities in ramping up production.

However, there are far more risks; phase II and III trials will have to be done in a very cautious manner, which can take anywhere between 3-6 months to happen. When the vaccine would really be available, and to whom it reaches first, is something that still needs to be discussed.


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