Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, setting up an online classroom can be intimidating – from deciding which computer to buy to figuring out what kind of internet connection you need. To help you out, PC Paathshala got in touch with Saurabh Nahar, who decided to make a very simple yet comprehensive guide to creating an amazing PC setup that can supercharge your online teaching or learning experience.

During this session, some of the aspects he will cover include:

  • How to pick a chair for good posture
  • How to pick the right Intel-powered PC – laptop vs. desktop
  • Which processor do you need? – Clock speed vs. generations – Core i3 vs. Core i5 vs. Core i9
  • What is the optimum amount of RAM and fixed storage
  • Do you need an integrated GPU?
  • How to pick the right tools – video conferencing, etc.
  • Do you need accessories such as headphones, keyboards, etc.
  • How to find the right internet speed and package
  • How to keep yourself safe

About PC Paathshala

As e-learning becomes the new normal, Intel in India has collaborated with the Times of India (TOI) to launch PC Paathshala, a unique industry-wide initiative aimed at enabling India to adapt to teaching and learning online. PC Paathshala will bring user-friendly and easy-to-consume content, developed and curated by industry experts, to teachers, students and parents across India.


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