1. Name of the Post: Post Doctoral Fellow

2. Minimum required qualifications/ experience:

(a) PhD in Biological Sciences,
(b) Familiarity with DNA and RNA analyses
(c) Familiarity with basic research laboratory protocols, procedures and techniques in DNA and RNA analyses

3. Consolidated: INR 61,000.

4. Necessary qualities:

(a) Integrity, motivation, enthusiasm
(b) Focus and commitment in carrying out tasks and duties
(c) Critical analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of independent work
(d) Ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team
(e) Clarity in career and professional development goals

5. Appointment and reporting:

(i) Appointment to the position will initially be for 3 (three) years. The first year is probationary Confirmation in the position and progression to years 2 and 3 is subject to satisfactory review of performance through periodic appraisals of performance. Appraisals will also determine salary increments and promotions.

(ii) The start pay will be based on review of qualifications and experience. The position is funded by a centre grant from the Tata Consultancy Services. The successful applicant will be managed by the Lead Scientist in Genomics and will report to the Director.


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