A simple ‘Internet Search’ no longer exists in a world where privacy is invaded by relentless monitoring (by tech companies, states, and even employers now). Chances are that the mix of keywords and Ad spending is continuously being abused. Add to this the ‘Information Is New Oil’ part, when you grant Google Chrome, Safari and Edge permission to collect your browsing history, login credential along with stored auto-filled details. Add to this the ‘Data Is New Oil’ portion, which grants Google Chrome, Safari and Edge permission to capture your browsing history, login credential along with saved auto-filled data.

I personally switched to one of the browsers listed here, after the advertisements began to clutter my web browsing more vigorously than before. It’s been a month since I’ve been using it, so I’m proud to say that it’s worth taking off my Chrome blinkers.

Check the list below to see which browsers bring you more privacy and protection than the ones listed above.


brave browser

If tech experts like Cnet and Verge start making a case for a plugin, it will be enough to give you at least a ride. Designed on the same basic framework as Chrome (open-source chromium), Brave (founded by Mozilla’s co-founder Brendan Eich and Biran Body) blocks trackers and third-party cookies that control your actions while you browse the web while enabling you to configure your security settings. It also cleverly compensates web developers by releasing their own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

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duckduckgo browserFounded by Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo was originally introduced as a search engine in 2011 that criticized Google’s data-mining tactics. It has evolved to become a widely recommended safe and trustworthy client. It blocks tracking cookies that mark your user and gives a rating to each page you visit, depending on how actively it is attempting to mine your info. It also promises not to log your browser history and gives you the option to set a timer that will instantly clear your history.

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Firefox Focus

firefox focus browser logoDeveloped by Mozilla, Firefox Focus was initially developed to be a tracker-blocking program for mobile iOS devices. Today, it’s a new browser that blocks advertisements with secret cookie trackers and lets you get rid of all your browsing history by pressing a button. The browser has actually stopped developing Ios, and is now developing a re-engineered version that will be released early.

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tor browser logoThe youngest browser (on this list) based on its launch date (May 2019) but the oldest pioneer in secure contact, Tor (an acronym for The Onion Router) has greatly advanced privacy and confidentiality functionality. And what’s that? When blocking trackers, it aims to make all users look the same by applying triple-encryption to the trackers.

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Vivaldi_browser_logoCrafted on chromium (like Brave and Chrome) and developed by the co-founder of Opera Software Stephenson Von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita, Vivaldi boasts a seamless navigation system thanks to its user-friendly features. Adjust the look and sound of this browser with a dynamic interface as you surf at ease, realizing well that you and your data are not being watched or stored. Like most browsers, you can dock websites as side panels by using the main tab.

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