NEW DELHI: With Indian and Chinese troops locked in a prolonged military stand-off, foreign minister S Jaishankar told

TOI in an interview

on Saturday that “reaching an equilibrium with China is not going to be easy and India must stand its ground”.
Making it clear that resolving tensions on the LAC was critical, Jaishankar told TOI, “The state of the border and the future of our ties (with China) cannot be separated. That is the reality.”
India’s relationship with the US, too, is changing as the latter is changing the way it deals with the world, according to Jaishankar, who believes India is well placed here, and despite not being a traditional ally of the US, is adapting well to the new realities.
The foreign minister said ties with China were bilateral in nature and it would be a complete misreading of the Indian position to read them in the context of India’s relations with the US.


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